Hi there – I’m John Bowker and I am the founder of JBL First Aid. The value of life-saving First Aid was made clear to me early on in my professional life while working as a deep sea diver in remote locations across the country and around the world. When it was offered, I jumped at the chance to expand my skill set to include Emergency Medical delivery. My initial training was in California – my knowledge and proficiency grew from there. I am now 26 years into my career as a firefighter with the Peterborough Fire Services, and teach patient care to diverse groups of participants in multiple environments. My experience working as a professional first responder has provided me plenty of insight when it comes to passing along the life-saving skills and knowledge needed to manage a medical emergency. I have considerable respect for First Aiders: you are the first link in the Chain of Survival. Without first aid, the success of advanced care is jeopardized. As a Red Cross Training Partner, I can offer a variety of basic to advanced WSIB approved courses to meet your needs, and I can do so in a relaxed, hands-on and fun environment! For more information, send me an email.